Destination Allgäu

Exploring the environs of Kempten

Kempten is not called the Allgäu metropolis for nothing. Located in the centre of the well-known holiday region, Kempten, as largest town in the Allgäu region, is the ideal starting point for excursions and your holiday as such.

You can see the magnificent panorama of the Allgäu Alps from afar and they are easily reached by car or public transport within minutes. The holiday region Allgäu with all its offers looks forward to receive active mountain enthusiasts, culture-interested explorers and those who simply want to enjoy the region.


Experience the Allgäu region in all directions

Let Kempten be your starting point to go on excursions in any direction. Choose north and visit the glamorous and historic Benedictine abbey in Ottobeuren. 45 minutes east of Kempten by car will take you to the unique and also rather glamorous Castle of Neuschwanstein of the former King Ludwig II of Bavaria. A further highlight waits for you in the west of Kempten: the town of Lindau on an island at the east coast of Lake Constance. The Allgäu Alps, south of Kempten, can be seen from afar and are easily reached by a short car journey or by bus or train. Or experience the exhilarating feeling of a rather breathtaking view of the 400 summits on top of the ‘Nebelhorn’ in the most southern community of Germany.

Get to know Allgäu’s diversity

Nature and countryside

What do you associate with the Allgäu? Perhaps lush meadows, thick forests, gentle hills, deep-blue lakes and historic towns and communities in front of the majestic Allgäu Alps? Exactly – the Allgäu region offers you all that. Expect unique nature and countryside that offers you a relaxed holiday, cultural city tours or an active walking holiday.
Culture and history

Apart from nature, the Allgäu region can do more for you – also culture. Apart from the highest-located castle ruins of Germany 'Falkenstein' or the worldwide known Palace of Neuschwanstein, you will find a particularly large number of castles, palaces and ruins in the Allgäu region. Further sights and an exciting range of museums are waiting for you in the towns and smaller locations in the Allgäu region. Read more about this in the ‘Stadtgeschichten Allgäu’.


Hochplatte - Ammergauer Alpen


City of Kempten

CASTLE RUINS Falkenstein



Kempten-Museum at the Zumsteinhaus





Action and relaxation

An excursion into the Allgäu region with its unique nature and countryside promises to be a real adventure for every explorer and also for those who just want to enjoy life, maybe with a comfortable stroll down in the valley, a walking tour with a view, an exciting bicycle tour or simply having a relaxed day, cooling down at one of the lakes. Experience the Allgäu mountain ranges and lakes during your excursion into the region during your holiday in Kempten.

Tickets for your adventure

You want to book your excursion into the Allgäu region in advance? Then visit our ‘Erlebnis Shop’ and fill your shopping basket with unforgettable moments.


Summertime and winter magic in the Allgäu holiday region

The magnificent mountains and clear lakes in the Allgäu invite you to spend a lovely time all year round.

‘Almabtrieb‘ and ‘Viehscheid‘
The ceremonial driving down of cattle from the mountain pastures into the valley in autumn ‘Almabtrieb’ and the return of the livestock to their owners ‘Viescheid’ traditionally take place in September. The cattle spend all summer on lush meadows in the mountains and are then driven back to the villages. The return of the livestock signals the end of the summer and this is usually celebrated in the communities.
From Goldsmiths to Tailors
Unique pieces of art, often with a long tradition behind them, are created in some open workshops and studios in the Allgäu region. A tailor-made historic costume, a handmade ring or a lovingly baked Allgäu ‘soul‘ – a type of wheat bread with salt and caraway seeds – Allgäu craftsmen and artisans are behind all these handmade products that are made traditionally with a love for details, patience and passion.
Culinary things
Allgäu beer and cheese
Delicately mild or rather full-flavoured? You may have to decide when selecting a beer or a piece of Allgäu cheese. Why not visit one of the numerous breweries and cheese dairies during your excursion in the region and enjoy your personal culinary adventure.
From ‘Griaß zuib‘ to ‘Griaßna‘*
The diversity of the Allgäu is not only reflected in its countryside but also in the dialects spoken in the various communities. Between 'Unterallgäu' and 'Ostallgäu' to 'Oberallgäu' and 'Westallgäu' (Lower-, East-, Upper- and West Allgäu) you will find a different local dialect, depending on the place.

*(Ostallgäu dialect: Griaß zuib = I greet you and in the Oberallgäu dialect: Griaßna = I greet you )

You want know more about Kempten?

It does not always have to be an excursion into the region. Kempten itself offers a manifold of interesting things to do. Find your personal Kempten-experience in the former Roman town.