Enjoy culinary delights

Outdoors in Kempten


Discover culinary diversity outdoors

Imagine taking a leisurely stroll through Kempten town centre on a sunny summer's day. You will pass by small cafés, restaurants and unique shops. The Mediterranean flair of the town centre invites you to enjoy your stay in Kempten as part of a short break.

Kempten can do Italian and Bavarian - try a delicious sundae at one of the town's ice cream parlours or enjoy a regional Allgäu snack at one of the cosy beer gardens in the town.

You will find an overview of all the locations for your outdoor culinary experience at the bottom of this page.

Eat sweets and have a feast in Kempten

Ice cream parlours and ice cream shops

There are over 13 ice cream vendors and ice cream parlours in Kempten's town centre. Bask in the sun and enjoy your “gelato” with a fruity drink or a classic coffee.
Beer gardens

Dark green chestnut trees, large sunshades and rustic beer tables - the typical image of a Bavarian beer garden. Enjoy the unique beer garden atmosphere in Kempten, too.
Fountain at Hildegardplatz Kempten
Couple shopping at the weekly market
It’s market day
When and where?
The market spokesman, Mr. Liebenstein and the market suppliers await you:

Every Wednesday and Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Location: Hildegardplatz

ice creams

to indulge in

From the classic chocolate and vanilla duo to a real world champion variety, Kempten's ice cream artists leave nothing to be desired.

Take your “gelato” with you or feel the Mediterranean atmosphere of the town with a delicious sundae bought directly from the ice cream vendors.

Indulge in and savour the best ice creams in town.

Beer and a snackbreak

The beer garden in the metropolis of the Allgäu are impossible to miss! Your stay at one of the numerous beer gardens in Kempten will be perfect if you pair it with a cool blond beer and a proper snack break or a portion of Allgäu's very own take on Kässpatzen. Enjoy the atmosphere of the cosy gardens in the town centre.