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Kempten for all

Do you know Kempten? A visit to the former Roman town is worthwhile and we have put some helpful tips and interesting topics together for you here so that you can start your journey without needing to worry. Experience the former Roman town of Kempten in an accessible way!

Extremely well informed

Our Tourist Information Centre on Rathausplatz has been classified according to the nationwide “Travel for All” label and has received the “Accessibility Tested” award. The Tourist Information team is there to help you in word and deed, both before and during your stay.


Staying in Kempten overnight

Finding accessible holiday accommodation is not always easy. However, many hotels in Kempten are equipped to look after disabled guests and have a number of accessible rooms and disability-friendly facilities on offer.

You should pay special attention to the Allgäu ART Hotel Kempten – unique within the region.


Allgäu ART Hotel

The accessible hotel

The building in Kempten's town centre is designed with disabled guests in mind.
Move around with ease and enjoy a carefree stay.

there´s always something going on here

Museums, tourist sights and experiences

There is a lot to see in Kempten and there is always something going on. Many tourist sights, museums and experiences are suitable for disabled guests, e.g.: sign language interpreters are available for guided tours and a visit to the Kempten-Museum in the Zumsteinhaus is accessible for disabled guests. People with limited mobility can easily take part in many of our other available offers. So look forward to great Kempten experiences and cultural highlights.

If you are unsure whether something is suitable for you, please feel free to ask if the provider can cater to your needs.


Accessible Museum in the Zumsteinhaus

As the “living room of the town”, the Kempten-Museum is an active and open place for everyone. Kempten's past is preserved, the present is discussed and a look into the future is ventured - in an accessible format and free of charge.


Guided tours

Explore Kempten by taking part in a guided tour.
Tour guides will accompany you on accessible routes to the most important sights and tell you about the history of Kempten.
These private tours are suitable for visitors with limited mobility as well as for people with visual impairments, hearing impairments or cognitive impairments.
For people with walking difficulties, a panoramic tour in their own coach with local guides is also an option.
A guide will join your bus, give instructions on the route to be taken and provide exciting information about the sights along the route and about the town's history. One or two stops are possible when requested.


for people with disabilities

Panorama tour

in your own coach

bigbox allgäu

Pure entertainment


There’s fun to be had at the accessible waterpark

forum allgäu

Shopping experience for all

theater in Kempten

Programme for the whole family

A colourful range of leisure activities

These Kempten facilities are equipped for people with disabilities. Disabled parking, lift, wide and level paths as well as a disabled-friendly toilet are among the features of these leisure facilities.


The Leisure Exchange

The leisure exchange draws on a pool of volunteers who want to make a contribution to society and provide assistance on an hourly basis. If you need assistance with organising leisure activities, e.g.:
if you want to be accompanied to an event, you can access the services provided by the leisure exchange free of charge.
Arrangements can often be made at short notice.

Arriving by train or car

Travelling to Kempten by train

The platforms of Kempten main station are only partially accessible, and can only be accessed by railway staff. The Deutsche Bahn Mobility Service operates during the day, but they will required advance notice if you wish to use their services. You can contact the Deutsche Bahn mobility service centre on 030 65212888 or by sending an e-mail to
Travelling to Kempten by car

Kempten is located in the heart of the Allgäu and has perfect links to the road network.

You can reach the former Roman town of Kempten easily via the A7 motorway (Ulm - Füssen) and the B12 (Munich - Lindau) and B19 (Ulm - Oberstdorf).


Moving around Kempten

Travelling around the town by bus

You can catch buses that run at regular intervals from Kempten main station, which is located on the southern outskirts of the town, to the central interchange “ZUM” - which will then take you directly into Kempten town centre. Current timetables for the “Kempten main station - ZUM” bus service can be found on the Verkehrsverbund mona Allgäu website.

Timetable information

The transport association is constantly working to improve mobility in the Allgäu region, especially accessibility when travelling by bus. For this reason, inner-Kempten and regional bus services in the surrounding area only use low-floor buses, which allow passengers to board at ground level. Bus stops are marked with the so-called Kassel crossing boards for blind and visually impaired people.

Parking in Kempten

Parking spaces for severely disabled people with walking difficulties are signposted and usually marked with a wheelchair symbol.

You can find an overview of the disabled parking spaces on our interactive map of Kempten.

Disabled parking in Kempten

Accessiblitly plan

The town of Kempten has marked areas on its accessibility plan of the town centre in accordance with different criteria, e.g. easily navigable pavement, zebra crossings and different gradients.

Taxi services in Kempten

Taxi-Funk Kempten, telephone 0831 23333,

Ab ins Taxi GmbH, telephone 0831 58002555,

Maxicar-Kempten, telephone 0831 202021,

Taxis are available at various taxi stands throughout Kempten:

  • Main Station
  • ZUM (Central bus interchange)
  • Auf'm Plätzle
  • Residenzplatz
  • Brewery pub “Zum Stift”
  • Bahnhofstraße (Height of Bahnhofapotheke)

Mobility on site

Wheelmap – wheelchair accessible routes and places

Kempten's town centre is generally suitable for wheelchair users, people with walking aids or prams. Some stairs can be avoided by taking alternative routes. There are also seating areas that invite you to take a short break.

Kempten tipster



Wildehilde Tip

Enjoy the beautiful Allgäu landscape on a Draisin bicycle.

The Allgäu ART Hotel lets out special bikes and not just to its hotel guests.

Umgebung_Natur (Bäume).svg

Skywalk Allgäu

Accessible tree-top walk - a unique suspension bridge construction.
Schloss Neuschwanstein.svg

Neuschwanstein Castle

King Ludwig II built his fairytale castle.

Oberstdorf ski jump

Take the accessible lift to the ski jump.

Illerbeuren Farm Museum

One of the oldest open-air museums in Germany.


Service and travel for all

To ensure that your stay in Kempten runs as smoothly as possible, the Tourist Information team is here to help you as best they can. Please feel free to contact us by phone (0831 960955-0) or by e-mail (

Kempten Tourismus has been a cooperation partner of the German Seminar for Tourism (DSFT) in the “Travel for All” project since 2021. In addition to the Tourist Information Centre, the Allgäu ART Hotel and the Kempten-Museum in the Zumsteinhaus are also certified.