Activities in Kempten

It’s the mix that counts

Kempten in Allgäu – a town that you definitely shouldn’t miss! Apart from its beautiful countryside for walkers and cyclists, the ‘metropolis of the Allgäu’ has lots more to offer. Exciting leisure facilities, interactive museums and over 2000 years of vibrant history waiting for you in the Roman town of Kempten.

Let us show you the range of activities in Kempten for the young and the young at heart – come along with us.

On tour by bicycle
Traveling by bike in Kempten - another attractive way to explore the nature and landscape in the Allgäu. Would you like a leisurely tour by bike through historic Kempten, harmoniously along the Iller, or would you like to climb a peak by bike from Kempten? We will show you the most beautiful cycle tours in Kempten and the surrounding area.
Strolls and walking tours
But what would Kempten and the Allgäu be like without their nature and their mountains? Apart from the urban charm and culture, nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts also won’t be disappointed in Kempten. Its central location in the Allgäu region makes Kempten the ideal starting point for long strolls or demanding walking tours.
Green oases and parks in Kempten
The Roman town of Kempten is known as the 'metropolis of the Allgäu', but you can also relax here in the green oases and parks. It doesn't matter whether you prefer a picnic in the venerable courtyard garden with snacks and fresh fruit from the Kempten weekly market or whether you prefer to romp around with the children on the Roman playground in the Archaeological Park Cambodunum. The Allgäu metropolis creates the perfect combination of culture, fun and nature.

‘Gaudi’ – Fun and recreation, Allgäu-Style

Whether you’re on holiday in Kempten with your family, your partner or on your own, don’t neglect ‘gaudi‘ – the Allgäu word for ‘fun’.
Lots of leisure facilities with a range of recreation activities guarantee that you won’t get bored on your stay in this Swabian town.

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Climbing and bouldering in Kempten

Kemptner Salzgrotte

rest and relaxation

Room of Secrets

The escape game in Kempten


Adventure pools and sauna world


The trampoline park in Kempten

See, shop and experience

Sights and museums

Spending a holiday in Kempten means you can’t get away from the town’s rich history. From a Celtic settlement to the Roman town of Cambodunum and the divided double town of medieval times – a truly fascinating town history is just waiting to be heard.

It’s no surprise, that some of the most popular activities in Kempten have a direct connection to the town’s history.

sights and museums

Round tours and guided tours in Kempten

The town and its history are not only experienced by gazing at venerable buildings and museums, though. Experience history at first hand while walking through Kempten. And while Kempten is known as the metropolis of the Allgäu region, its historic old town with all its unique sights can easily be explored on foot.

It’s no surprise that a tour through the old town is one of the best activities on offer in Kempten.

guided tours

Shopping and culinary delicacies

Being THE shopping town in the Allgäu region, a lengthy shopping spree through the pedestrian zone is also one of the best activities in Kempten. You can find everything in Kempten – from small boutiques to regional specialities and big-name fashion stores. After a successful shopping spree you’ll definitely have deserved a rest. Choose from a cosy cafe, a spritz on the popular Rathausplatz, or take a seat and relax in one of the rustic Kempten beer gardens. The gastronomic diversity is sure to win you over and not just on a shopping spree.

“experience Kempten!”
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In the
dripping rain

Family break
in the Allgäu town

More leisure time

A family holiday, bad weather and Kempten!

Kempten is all about diversity and this Roman town has lots to offer families in particular. Rummage through our pages with lots of different topics and get inspired. The Allgäu is a sun-drenched region, but if the weather doesn’t behave, Kempten also has exciting and entertaining alternatives in store for a rainy day. Remember: Use the Allgäu-Walser-Card and explore the town with the "experience Kempten!" day package.

Destinations for a day trip and events

Explore the Allgäu region

Kempten, centrally located at the heart of the Allgäu, is the perfect starting point for trips all around the region. Mountain railways and ski lifts in the southern Oberallgäu are easily reached from here, as are well-known sights like the monastery in Ottobeuren and the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, just a short car journey away from Kempten.

Apart from traditional events like the 'Allgäuer Festwoche’, where wearing a traditional outfit is practically mandatory, Kempten has lots more highlights up its sleeve. The ‘Kempten Jazzfrühling’ and the ‘KunstNacht Kempten’ are famous well beyond the town’s borders and attract a diverse audience to Kempten each year. Find all Kempten events in our diary.

neuschwanstein castle

Märchensommer Allgäu

The hands-on theater for the whole family