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At the heart of the Allgäu region

Kempten is ideally connected to the traffic network thanks to its central location at the heart of the Allgäu region – regardless of whether you plan to arrive in the region by car, train or by plane. Read about the most important details on how to arrive in the Swabian town comfortably and without any difficulties here. If you prefer a more active mode of transport, you can also use the many cycle paths or even join the Munich Way of St James to Kempten.

You will find all information on where to park in Kempten, on mobility around the town and public transport in Kempten and the region in a separate list.

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Many a path leads to Kempten

Get to Kempten by car

Located at the heart of the Allgäu region, Kempten is ideally connected to the road traffic network. You can easily reach the Roman town of Kempten via the A7 motorway (Ulm–Füssen) and the main roads B12 (Munich–Lindau) and B19 (Ulm–Oberstdorf).

If you want to travel to Kempten by passing through picturesque countryside and you aren’t in any great rush, you can always reach the Roman town by choosing the many smaller roads – owing to its location at the heart of the Allgäu, most roads lead to Kempten.

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Get to Kempten by train

As the ‘metropolis’ of the Allgäu region, Kempten is of course the hub for numerous train connections in the region. Trains from Augsburg, Munich, Ulm and Reutte arrive in Kempten on a regular basis. Travelling by train is not only better for the environment, but also offers you time to enjoy the beautiful countryside.

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From the main station in Kempten, located at the southern tip of the town, buses run regularly to the central bus stop “ZUM” – located in the very centre of the town. You will find time schedules for the bus “Main Station Kempten – ZUM” on the ‘Mobilitätsgesellschaft Allgäu’ website (‘mona Allgäu’ for short) or via their ticket app.

You can also walk to the Kempten town centre and pedestrian zone, which will take you about 30 minutes.

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Get to Kempten by plane

The closest airport 'Allgäu Airport Memmingen' is about 45 kilometres away from Kempten. Hire a car or use a private shuttle service from the airport to the Allgäu town. Alternatively, the 'Memmingen Airport City Shuttle' will take you to the Memmingen railway station, where you can continue your journey to Kempten in comfort.

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Next stop: Kempten

The green bus is now driving to the Allgäu metropolis of Kempten. Thanks to a daily direct connection between Kempten and Munich, the bus company makes it possible to travel from all over Europe.

The long-distance bus stop is at Kotterner Straße 50, 87435 Kempten. The city center and some hotels are within walking distance.
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ARE YOU GETTING HERE... bike or on foot?

Cycling to Kempten

The Roman town of Kempten is located right at the intersection of two of the most popular long-distance cycle paths in Germany: the Iller Cycle Path (Iller-Radweg) – running between Ulm and Oberstdorf – and the Allgäu Cycle Path (Allgäu-Radweg) that connects Isny and Marktoberdorf. If you’d like to visit Kempten on bike, you will find some tips for cyclist-friendly accommodation and the most beautiful cycle tours in and around Kempten here.
To Kempten on foot

The famous Way of St. James is another way to arrive in the Allgäu region. Several routes cross through the Alpine region; the Munich Way of St. James even leads you right through the Roman town of Kempten. Pilgrims and keen hikers not only find delicious food in Kempten but also perfect accommodation for a restful overnight stay.



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