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Kempten has many attractive offers for tourists. Popular sights in Kempten are definitely the diverse museums, including the classic museum, excavation grounds right up to an underground showroom. But a visit to the large churches, a walk through green spaces and parks and the generously sized squares are definitely worth a visit.

Kempten‘s Museums

The Kempten museums convince above all because their exhibits differ so much from each other which certainly contributes to the fact that visiting several sights in Kempten will never become a boring chore. The main topic and connecting element of the museums is the historical reappraisal of Kempten’s town history.

The beginnings of the town in Roman times are presented as an open air museum at the excavation grounds in the Archaeological Park Cambodunum. The staterooms in the Residenz are witness to the glamorous era of prince abbots during the time of the double town of Kempten. In the Showroom Erasmuskapelle Kempten’s eventful town history comes to life in a multi-vision show.

The Kempten Museum in the Zumsteinhaus lets you explore the various eras in different themed rooms.
The private ‘Allgäuer Burgenmuseum’ deals with Allgäu castles, their construction and their inhabitants.

Kempten‘s Churches

Owed to Kempten’s history as a double town, during the period of which the imperial town turned towards the Reformation, the Roman-Catholic as well as the Protestant faith are widely spread amongst the population. Communities of different faiths – owed, amongst others, to citizens with a migration background – are also found in town. Therefore, there are numerous places of worship of different faiths to be found in town. Two of these should be mentioned in
particular and they belong without doubt to the most important sights in Kempten: the two large town churches of St.-Mang and Basilika St. Lorenz. The origins of these two churches go back many centuries and their historic development is closely connected with the town of Kempten. Obviously there is much to tell about these two churches and both await you to visit their interior with so many details to explore.

Basilika St. Lorenz

Church of St.-Mang

Further Sights in Kempten

Beyond the classic sights in Kempten there are a number of places worth seeing within town. You will meet some anyway when walking around town, some are not so easy to detect. Spread across the whole town there are many inviting and beautifully arranged squares.

An absolute MUST is a visit to the Rathausplatz while touring the old town. The historic and southern flair of the square invites you to take refreshments or stay for a while to end the day in these beautiful surroundings.

You can’t miss the Town Hall fountain – one of many in town that don’t only look beautiful but are historically important. We also recommend that you take some time off to visit the Hofgarten at the Residenz during your stroll through town. Centrally located it is a pleasant restful place away from the noises of town.