People during a guided tour of the showroom Erasmuskapelle

Showroom Erasmuskapelle

The walls are burning

Hardly any building has served so many different purposes over the centuries as the former Erasmuskapelle (Erasmus Chapel). Today it is open to the public and is one of the most visited sights in Kempten. It is not home to a place of worship, but provides exciting insights into the eventful history of the city in the form of the Showroom Erasmuskapelle.

23 steps lead down from St.-Mang-Platz to the underground Showroom Erasmuskapelle. A special experience awaits you there: the walls are made to speak with atmospheric lighting, projections and audio images. In a rousing multivision show, almost eight centuries of city history are told, in which the building itself also plays a major role. After the show, there is plenty of time to look around the space. Instead of conventional display cases, there is a monitor table that presents finds from the excavations and reveals explanations about them on a screen. In addition, among other things, traces of burns and remains of wall paintings can be discovered, and two openings on the east wall reveal insights into the ossuary behind it.


From a chapel to a showroom

Over time, the Erasmuskapelle served various purposes, and its construction history is closely linked with the history of the city. It was built in the 13th century as a cemetery chapel with an ossuary. After a fire and several structural changes, in 1557 it was converted into a linen showroom, a wine cellar and tavern. In 1664, a room for weighing lard was attached and in 1857 there was a decision to tear it all down. During the Second World War, during the construction of a bunker, the walls remaining in the ground were accidentally discovered. Starting in 1988, archaeological investigations took place, which in 2003 brought to light about 500 medieval burials and in 2008 the well-preserved basement of the chapel.

St. Mang Square with the entrance to Showroom Erasmuskapelle

In 2009, the City Council then decided to have the former chapel converted into the Showroom Erasmuskapelle. The construction of the underground Showroom Erasmuskapelle while preserving the original parts was an architectural and technical challenge. Access was also not easy to create without destroying much of the original structure. Thus, a modern entrance made of concrete and glass now rises from the open space of St.-Mang-Platz, which is otherwise covered with light-coloured gravel. If you look closely, a bronze band can be seen between the pebbles on the square, outlining the contours of the underground chapel, and a bronze plate marks the site of the new crypt.


The Showroom Erasmuskapelle can only be visited during a guided tour. Tickets can be purchased on site as well as online in advance: Tickets on site are available in the MangBox in the south hall of the Church of St. Mang. Online you can get your tickets in the experience store.

Entrance to the showroom Erasmuskapelle

Free entry

Every first Sunday of the month admission to the Kempten museums is free and that also includes the visit to the Showroom Erasmuskapelle.

Multivision show in the showroom Erasmuskapelle

All weather recommendation

The underground Showroom Erasmuskapelle is recommended in all weather conditions and any time of year. During a hot summer’s day a visit to the chapel is not only informative – it also cools you down agreeably.

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All information about guided tours:
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Phone: +49 831 2525-1725

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The video takes you from the Rathausplatz to the St.-Mang-Platz and the underground Showroom Erasmuskapelle.


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