Allgäu Castle Museum

Allgäu Castle Museum

Experience the Middle Ages

The Allgäu Castle Museum provides exciting insights into the medieval castle world of the Allgäu and gives an overview of the history and building development of the former Allgäu castles. On display are the knights' hall, many everyday objects from the time, as well as models, drawings and photos that illustrate life in the medieval complexes.

Knight armor
Medieval objects in the castle museum
Medieval tableware

Of Knights and Damsels

A visit to the Allgäu Castle Museum is like a short journey back in time to the Middle Ages. The exhibition vividly presents the life of the Allgäu nobles, their everyday life and their castles. On display are models, centuries-old everyday objects and archaeological finds. Some of the exhibits are tangible in the truest sense of the word, because touching the armour from different eras is expressly permitted. With the help of detailed information, it is possible to understand the structural development of the castles, which were subject to constant change over the centuries. This shows, for example, that they not only fulfilled a military function, but were also administrative centres, manors and places of social life for the noble families and their servants.

Museum on the Burghalde

The museum is a private museum under the sponsorship of Allgäuer Burgenverein e. V. and is part of the Kempten museum landscape. In 2004, the Allgäu Castle Museum moved into the guardhouse of the former fortress on the Burghalde and thus into a real castle. The move was accompanied by a complete revision of the museum concept and it is continuously brought up to date.

Drawing of a castle

Offers at the Museum

On request, group tours for adults as well as tours for school classes are offered by Allgäuer Burgenverein e. V. The association is dedicated to the protection of monuments, castle research and popular education and therefore also offers events such as lectures and excursions.

Around the museum

From the Burghalde, a breathtaking view of Kempten and the foothills of the Alps opens up. Apart from the Allgäu Castle Museum, there is a playground, a lookout point and a beer garden on the hill, all of which is perfect for a little time out after a visit to the museum.
An open-air stage can also be found at the Burghalde. Lovers of fairy tales get their money's worth there in the summer months, when interactive fairy tale theatre with annually changing plays is performed during the Allgäu Fairy Tale Summer. The scented and medicinal herb garden is also located directly in front of the museum.
Herbal garden
View to the alps


Arrival, parking & public transport

You will find all the important information and notes on your journey to Kempten, on-site parking, public transport and mobility in Kempten and the Allgäu on the respective pages.

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