Out and about in Kempten

Out and about in Kempten

Centrally located in the Allgäu, Kempten is the perfect starting point for excursions and exploration tours in the region. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to use your own car, car sharing or a hire car, or even travel by public transport in Kempten to get to all the Allgäu’s sights. We show you the various different ways and how to use them.


Explore the Allgäu by car

The most flexible way to explore the Allgäu region starting in Kempten is to use a car. All the highlights of your Allgäu holiday can be reached within one hour from Kempten, whether you want to go to the southern edge of the Alps to the walkers’ paradise of Oberallgäu, the beautiful Westallgäu, visit Neuschwanstein Castle in the Ostallgäu or the town of Memmingen in the northern Unterallgäu. If you arrive in Kempten without a vehicle but you want
to explore the town and surrounding region by car, then you may wish to make use of 'Stadtflitzer Carsharing' – a perfect alternative. Simply rent a car that suits your requirements. If you want to protect the environment while on the move, rent an e-car at Kempten’s first mobile point in the Grabengasse, near Tourist Information. Two vehicles from Carsharing by 'Autohaus Sirch' can be used with the Flinkster app by Deutsche Bahn.


excursion destinations in the allgäu


excursion destinations in the allgäu


excursion destinations in the allgäu

mona Allgäu

Public transport in Kempten

Public transport & central bus stop

Public transport in Kempten is an environmentally friendly alternative to travelling by car. The bus connections within the boundaries of the Kempten town and the nearby hinterland are well-established. The ZUM – Kempten’s central bus station is easily reached on foot from the Tourist Information Centre.

It is the hub for all urban and regional buses that pass through Kempten. You can actually access almost all bus lines in Kempten at the ZUM. The customer service centre for questions related to public transport is also stationed here.

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Bus connections & mona Allgäu

The ‘mona Allgäu (Mobilitätsgesellschaft Allgäu)’ website can inform you about bus connections and ticket costs. You can take a look at bus stops, bus connections and schedules online, and download them for free.
There is also a separate bus schedule for all connections from Kempten’s main station to the central bus station ZUM and also connections to the Kempten town centre available on the ‘mona Allgäu’ website.
If you don't want to travel directly to the city centre, you can use the R7 and R8 ring bus routes, which run every 20 minutes from Monday to Friday during the day.

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Ticket app and real-time information

Even more details can be obtained via the VVW / mona ticket app: Real-time information showing connections, tariffs, schedules, and a tracking function displaying the next stop. You can also buy tickets on this app via credit card, direct debit or PayPal.

The app is available to download free of charge and applies to the districts of Günzburg, Unterallgäu and Memmingen.

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e-cargo bikes for rent in Kempten

E-Cargo Bikes

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bike rental


Bike rental & e-scooters

You can also explore Kempten and the surrounding area on two wheels. Find suggestions for tours and tips for your perfect cycling holiday. There are quite a few hotels in Kempten that rent out bikes and e-bikes in case you arrive without a bike of your own. Kempten is also easy and comfortable to explore by e-scooter. Use the Zeus hire system to rent an e-scooter easily by app, unlock it and get going. Similarly, you can rent e-cargo bikes from the company Sigo, which can be found at six mobile points in Kempten.


Deutsche Bahn and taxis

Discover the region by rail

As for public transport in Kempten, several sights in the Allgäu region can also be reached by train. Kick off from Kempten’s main station and travel by train to the southern Oberallgäu towards Oberstdorf or to the fairytale palaces of King Ludwig in Füssen. Plan your journey directly on Deutsche Bahn’s mobility platform.
Using a taxi in Kempten

Prefer to travel by taxi? Whether you want to go to the main station or even on a longer journey to the airport in Memmingen, Kempten has all sorts of taxi services available to you.

Deutsche Bahn

Traveling by train in the Allgäu


Traveling by taxi in Kempten