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When one talks about events in Kempten, one does not only mean the large events in the bigBOX ALLGÄU. The range of events in Kempten goes from small cosy cafes to locations such as the Kempten Theater where high quality performances are shown, to the largest folk festival in the region. Our clearly designed event diary shows the complete programme for your stay in the Allgäu metropolis. Amongst these, the regularly
offered guided tours of town or themed tours as well as guided tours through Kempten’s museums. This also includes the popular Kempten markets – from the weekly markets to the funfair and Christmas market - as well as church concerts, talks, plays and shows. Be inspired by this diversity and book your ticket for your favourite event online. Experience Kempten - Erleben Sie Kempten!

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Kempten’s event highlights

Have a look for the event highlights before you plan your holiday in Kempten. Wouldn’t it be a shame, if you missed your favourite star at the bigBOX ALLGÄU event venue by one day or could not be there when the Town Festival in Kempten takes place with its number open air concerts all over the centre of town. And so that this does not happen to you, we have compiled a list of the most important events in Kempten for you.