Parking your car in Kempten


Parking, loading and exploring

Parking spaces for short- and long-stay parking, multi-storey car parks, or charging stations for your e-car – the Allgäu metropolis offers visitors an expertly organised parking system with lots of car parks close to the town centre. An intelligent parking system helps you to find a parking space for your car in Kempten, guiding you to the free parking spaces or multi-storey car parks closest to you.

If you prefer to be out and about during your holiday and want to visit Kempten’s sights and the highlights of the Allgäu region during an excursion, then use the button below to obtain all important information on public transport, car sharing, bike rental, and the traffic connections into the region.

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Parking spaces, multi-storey car parks and underground car parks

Digital map of car parks

The digital map above shows you all the important parking spaces and multi-storey car parks close to the centre of the town, making space close to or right in the town centre easy to find. Get an overview of the number of parking spaces, special parking spaces for women and the disabled, and the number of e-charging stations.
Be aware that parking in Kempten is normally paid. Depending on the car park you can either pay by cash, card or with an app.

Parking your car

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Coaches, e-vehicles and camper vans

Parking spaces for coaches

The Allgäu metropoli’ offers free parking for coaches. There are a number of different ways of parking coaches in Kempten, close to the centre and within easy reach on foot. These are often also a popular meeting point for groups for guided tours of the town.

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E-mobility is coming forward quickly, including in the Roman town of Kempten. You will find charging stations for your e-car on some public car parks as well as in various multi-storey car parks. They are marked on the interactive map above.

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If you intend to explore Kempten and the Allgäu region electrically, it is possible to rent an e-car via car sharing from 'Autohaus Sirch', or why not rent an e-scooter and whiz through town? E-bikes are also available in Kempten. Find all the information you need on the website ‘Mobility and Public Transport’.

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Parking spaces for camper vans

It is also possible to park camper vans in Kempten. Visitors with camper vans visiting Kempten for the day can park their camper van in the Illerdamm car park with a day ticket. The existing special parking spaces for camper vans – pitches – are reserved for guests with camper vans who are staying overnight.

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Bikes and more

Parking and charging bikes

The Roman town of Kempten is a popular destination for cyclists and a stage finish for several-day cycling tours. Located right at the intersection of the long-distance Allgäu Cycle Path (Allgäu-Radweg) and Iller Cycle Path (Iller-Radweg), Kempten offers cyclists numerous parking and charging facilities.

Apart from the bike racks directly next to the Town Hall in the historic town centre, there is a "Bikebox" in Grabengasse. Park your bike there and take advantage of the lockers where you can store your personal objects securely. There is also a repair column plus more e-bike charging stations, as well as more facilities to park your bicycle securely.

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Wildehilde Tip

A number of bed+bike accommodation options offer cyclists who are staying overnight a place to park their bicycle free of charge!


Brochures and more

All parking spaces near the center are shown in the town map in the 'Enjoy Kempten' brochure. The brochure is available at the Tourist Information, Rathausplatz 24 in 87435 Kempten. Have a look at our information brochures beforehand, sent to you by post or as a download free of charge.