Roman Town

Experience the Ancient Times at close quarters

Romans everywhere in Kempten

„Salve“ – this would have probably been your welcome to the ancient Roman town of Kempten. The Romans played a significant part in Cambodunum, the present Kempten. Even if the ancient salutation did not survive, you can still get a good impression of the Roman settlement in Kempten today. Come with us and follow the tracks of the Roman town of Kempten.

Roman Town of Kempten

Be amazed

There is no better place to explore the ancient Roman town in present modern Kempten than the Archaeological Park Cambodunum (APC). Roman buildings and archaeological findings tell us about the life of the Romans in this town.

In addition to the classic exhibition you can also use the Cambodunum-app free of charge. It accompanies you digitally on a virtual time travel into the ancient Roman town of Kempten. Explore the past of the ancient Cambodunum together with the Roman citizen Tiberius Claudius Satto.
The ancient culture can also be experiencced on an interactive round of the museum with 15 information stations – barrier-free

And if you need a refreshment after all this historic information, the Roman Cafe ‘Taberna‘ looks after your needs. The small café at the main entrance of the APC is the perfect frame to round off the history of the Roman town of Kempten with a cup of coffee. For families with children: In the spirit with Roman history, there is a Roman playground for children in the APC to romp around.





Forum And basilika

Above the Roofs
Have a look around!
If you want to get an impression of the Archaeological Park Cambodunum in Kempten, take a look at this video from a bird’s-eye view.

The oldest town in Germany?

But Kempten is not only a Roman town but is also one of the oldest towns in Germany. Around 20 A.D. the ancient geographer Strabon finished the work of his ’Geographika‘, historic descriptions of the world, and with regard to Germany, only mentions the Celtic Kambodounon – the later Roman Cambodunum – as ’polis‘ (Greek word for town).
The question of the really oldest German town has not been clarified unambiguously until today. However, there is the evidence of the oldest mention in a script of Kempten as a town in Germany. You can read the original wording in an extract on an information board at the Tourist Information.



Roman Town in the Kempten Museum

Interested guests will also find Roman traces in other parts of the Allgäu metropolis. There is a particularly fascinating time witness to be found in the Kempten-Museum in the Zumsteinhaus: A map of the Roman network of roads and paths in Kempten and the Allgäu region. This map exemplifies how many of the ancient Roman roads are still used daily in our modern times.
Gaius Cambodunus




Salve! My name is Gaius Cambodunus, I am a Roman legionnaire carved out of Swiss stone pine and I would like to welcome you to the Tourist Information.

Roman Videos
In the Allgäu metropolis we are aware and know quite a lot about the past of the Roman town of Kempten, thanks to numerous excavations and research work. But what would an ancient Roman say about modern Kempten? Kempten Tourismus has followed up this question with a video project. But see for yourself…
Clip 1
The Roman awakens
Clip 2
Culture or sports?
Clip 3
Clip 4
Chariot 2.0
Clip 5
Finale at the weekly market