Kempten Museum in the Zumsteinhaus from the outside


Town History told anew

As one of the oldest towns in Germany, Kempten looks back on 2,000 years of town history. The Kempten-Museum in the Zumsteinhaus has told history anew and processed it with multi-media. It is located ideally opposite the Residence Kempten and offers you free access to get an exciting glimpse into times gone by.

The Kempten Museum in the Zumsteinhaus welcomes guests to its 580-square metre large exhibition area, barrier-free. The town museum is considered to be the living room of the town, and wants to wet your appetite for the history of the town and stories about its citizens. The ground floor rooms give you an overview of Kempten’s history and the brothers Zumstein. If you are interested to learn more about the town history, go to the first and second floor: Eleven themed rooms across times highlight the eventful history of the times from the Romans to today.

The Kempten Zumsteinhaus

As the name indicates, the Kempten-Museum is located in the listed building of the Zumsteinhaus. The remarkable building itself is therefore the most important exhibit of the museum. The town palace of the merchant’s family Zumstein (French: De la Pierre) was built in 1802 as a place for the family as well as for business. Until today it is a real eye-catcher with its ocre classicist facade, the decorated window bars and the wrought-iron balcony balustrades.

Wooden model of a bridge

Offers for architectural enthusiasts, families and connoisseurs

Lovers of architecture learn more about the particularities of the building and its function on the ‘Zumsteinpfad’(path). An ‘Aktivpfad’ (active path) was set up especially for children and families, sending the little visitors on an exciting search for traces with stations and an accompanying brochure. If you like it comfortable, have a look in the salon of the house on the ground floor, where coffee, cake and beverages are served. Also, the museum shop offers little local souvenirs to take away.

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Exhibition in the Kempten Museum at the Zumsteinhaus

Barrier-free, free admission and guided tours

Admission to the museum is free and the exhibition is accessible barrier-free. The Kempten-Museum in the Zumsteinhaus is member of the museum network “Museen inklusive!“ and also certified in compliance with “Reisen für Alle“ (Travelling available to all). The Kempten-Museum offers free guided tours on a regular basis every Sunday at 2 p.m. Further guided tours are on offer such as, for example, a guided theatre tour and workshops.

3-D Model of the town

A quick run through the town history

The town model on the first floor of the Zumsteinhaus is particularly impressive. With its nine square metres it is the largest town model in Bavaria that was printed in 3-D. It does not only illustrate the construction of town but also the way history developed in town.
An audio-visual show projected onto the model illustrates in fast motion the most important events from the times of the Roman town Cambodunum to the double town – consisting of the Catholic ecclesiastical town and the Protestant imperial town – to the current Allgäu metropolis.
3d model at the Kempten Museum in the Zumsteinhaus
3d model in the Kempten Museum in the Zumsteinhaus

Kempten-Museum in figures



Arrival, parking & public transport

You will find all the important information and notes on your journey to Kempten, on-site parking, public transport and mobility in Kempten and the Allgäu on the respective pages.

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