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At first glance the multifunctional hall in Kempten looks like a huge box – hence the name. This state-of-the-art event location, built in 2003 and located right next to the Forum Allgäu shopping centre, plays host to everything from cabaret to seminars and slide shows to major concerts.

bigBOX ALLGÄU is the region’s largest event hall by a good distance. This ‘huge box’ has capacity for up to 9000 visitors.

The different rooms – or boxes – are adaptable in size (bigBOX, kultBOX, foyer, seminar rooms), and the multifunctional hall is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, a VIP lounge, catering options and several bars to round off every visit.


Who´s Who

Each year a high-calibre, colourful calendar of shows and concerts by renowned artists from around the world attracts lots of guests to the town of Kempten in Allgäu. Audiences have enjoyed Bryan Adams, David Garrett and
Andreas Gabalier, as well as Die Toten Hosen, Lenny Kravitz and André Rieu. Big names are constantly coming and going at bigBOX ALLGÄU, and fans can look forward to all-star entertainment in the future too.

lenny kravitz

david garrett

andreas gabalier

Brian Adams

andré rieu

die toten hosen

Tickets, backstage & catwalk


Browse the event calendar. Which favourite artist of yours will tempt you to Kempten?

The pre-sale ticket hotline at bigBOX ALLGÄU will be happy to assist you (phone number: +49 831 57055-1000).


Find out all sorts of interesting facts on a backstage tour featuring artist dressing rooms, the box area and the different event rooms. Lighting and stage technology, celebrity anecdotes and logistical tricks behind the scenes.


Don’t get giddy on the catwalk!

Enjoy an exciting tour behind the scenes at bigBOX ALLGÄU.

Getting to bigBOX

bigBOX ALLGÄU is located in the heart of the town, at the southern end of the pedestrianised area, and has excellent public transport connections. The various car parks around the location are just metres from the event centre.

A stone’s throw

to bigBOX Allgäu

Getting there is even quicker from bigBOX HOTEL.

The four-star facility features direct access to the event hall and features 124 state-of-the-art rooms for a relaxing stay. Recharge ahead of events or simply kick back and enjoy the evening: The musics restaurant is the perfect place, and is also a bar, a lounge and a breakfast spot.


Meet at

With 15 flexible seminar and conference rooms providing capacity for eight to 3800 people, the conference area in the multifunctional hall is perfectly equipped to host company conferences, congresses, seminars and conventions. In-house catering provides a final culinary flourish on the ‘Meet at bigBOX ALLGÄU’ experience.