Town hall at Rathausplatz Kempten

Rathausplatz with Town Hall

Popular spot

The Town Hall is the main feature of Kempten’s Rathausplatz, as the square’s name – which means ‘Town Hall Square’ – implies. The listed medieval building dominates the square and lends it its historic charm. The tempting restaurants and cafes make this former centre of the imperial town a popular spot.

Important place

Rathausplatz Kempten

Back when Kempten was split into a double town, the present Rathausplatz was the centre of the imperial town. It hosted the market and was the economic as well as social centre of the imperial town. Imposing patrician buildings based on late-medieval foundations stand on either side of the imperial town’s former Markstraße. In 1576 a fountain was set up in front of the Town Hall. It was later relocated and modified so that what we see today is a seventeenth-century fountain with its octagonal stone basin and bronze column. This square is particularly popular in the summer with its surrounding restaurants and tables and chairs outside on the square, enjoying a glorious view of the historic Town Hall.

Town hall square in the morning sun

Historic Town Hall

As early as 1368 a half-timbered house stood on the location of the present Town Hall, which was partly used as a Town Hall from 1382 onwards. Predominantly, though, it was a storage house for cereals, later replaced by a simple stone building in 1474. In the course of time this building has been modified several times, including when the imperial town and ecclesiastical town were unified and the town was given a mutual administrative council. The latest conversion of partitioning rooms as well as adjustments to the outside area took place between 1985 and 1987. To this day the lord mayor and the mayors still meet in this historic building on Kempten’s Rathausplatz, which also includes the registry office and meeting halls. The municipal administration’s remaining offices are spread across several buildings in town.

Events against a historic backdrop

Kempten’s Rathausplatz also plays host to several events. It has a key role in the festive season, when the festively decorated stalls at Kempten’s Christmas market invite you to wander around and enjoy the atmosphere.
The Rathausplatz is also an absolute must-see during the Town Festival. ‘Kemptener Jazzfrühling’ (‘Springtime Jazz’) is traditionally opened here, too – and entry is free!
Fountain at Rathausplatz Kempten in winter
christmas market at Rathausplatz Kemtpen
Fountain at Rathausplatz Kempten
Building "Londoner Hof" at Rathausplatz Kempten
Fresco Heinrich von Kempten

Sights worth seeing around Rathausplatz

A Roman effigy sits atop the column of the Town Hall Fountain and there are several historic buildings of Gothic origin around Kempten’s Rathausplatz. Near the square you will find beautiful facades, like the Ponikauhaus and the ‘Londoner Hof’. The Town Hall is truly remarkable to look at from the outside and some of the details are well worth a closer look. If you turn your eyes to the east side of the building you will find the ‘Trompetermännle‘ (‘trumpeter’) on top of the imperial roof and an effigy of Lady Justice in a recess beneath the base of the tower. Below this you’ll spot a zodiac sign, further down the double eagle, and to the left and right of it the coats of arms of patrician families. The southern side depicts the knight Heinrich von Kempten, a fresco by Franz Weiß.


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More squares in Kempten

Alongside Rathausplatz, Kempten has many more squares that are worth a visit, inviting you to have a rest, visit a cafe or simply wander round.