Experience Kempten

The former Roman town of Kempten

The town of Kempten has lots to offer and the Allgäu metropolis is certainly not to be underestimated. Turbulent times have left their traces in the former Roman town, reflected in the attractions of town and during guided tours of town. Lovers of the arts and culture will get their money’s worth, as will sports enthusiasts and shopaholics and anyone visiting our events. Why not find out yourself during a visit to Kempten and experience the town’s 2000-year history at the heart of one of Germany’s most popular holiday regions?

Interesting facts & sights worth seeing

2000 years of a Roman town

The Romans appreciated the favourable position on the banks of the Iller and the accessibility of the road system and settled down right on this spot, calling their town Cambodunum – by the way, the oldest town in Germany mentioned in writing. Although lots has happened to the town since then, its Roman heritage still plays an important role. Excavations took place at the original site, which today can be viewed in the Cambodunum Archaeological Park (APC). With a multimedia app and active stations, visitors can relive the time of the Romans during a tour round the park in Kempten.
Museums, churches and squares

Kempten’s winding history has been represented in a vivid, exciting way in various museums in the town. Apart from the APC, the Showroom Erasmuskapelle deserves particular mention. The original chapel was turned into an underground showroom where visitors can experience Kempten’s past in a multi-vision show. The Protestant Church of St Mang is located just a few metres away. The Catholic equivalent is the Basilica of St Lorenz, which is also well worth a visit. Lovely squares – not only in front of the churches but all over the town – invite visitors to take a stroll and have a rest.

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Guided tours

The Kempten visitors’ guides take their participants on an exciting trip back in time through the town at fixed dates, whether a traditional tour of the town “Kempten erleben“ or a themed tour. Lots of entertaining little stories enhance these tours and make them all the more interesting. Guided tours of the museums can also be booked. If you prefer, two digital apps “Actionbound“ and “Lauschtour“ help you form your own impressions of the town. They help you orient yourself and also provide handy information on how to explore Kempten and its sights. Special guided tours can be offered for groups at a desired date upon request.

Superb and diverse

Exhibitions and places of art

Lovers of the arts have come to the right place in Kempten. Not only the Kunsthalle but a number of other exhibition locations put on exhibitions of all kinds, some temporarily, some as permanent shows. For example, the traditional annual art exhibition that is part of the Allgäu Festival Week. Galleries and studios can also be visited. Art in Kempten is not only presented indoors, though. Lots of works can be admired in public spaces, like the ‘Himmelsleiter’ by the artist Inga Ragnarsdóttir on St.-Mang-Platz.
Leisure activities

There is an abundance of ways to plan your leisure time in this Allgäu town. The CamboMare includes a water park, sauna and open-air swimming pool. Directly opposite is the DAV Alpinzentrum swoboda alpin centre, taking you to staggering heights. You will find less action but more peace and quiet in Kempten’s trails and parks. You can also experience Kempten by bike – either cycling along at a comfortable pace or climbing up hills around the town. If you like it even higher, a short drive will take you to the Allgäu Alps, or why not breathe in some regal air during a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle?

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Manifold & captivating

Shopping facilities

The ‘Forum Allgäu Kempten’ is the largest shopping centre in the region and is also the southernmost point of a shopping tour through Kempten. An extended shopping area with a pedestrianised zone stretches from the Bahnhofstraße to the Hildegard and Residenzplatz in the north of the town centre. Browse the small boutiques or shop in the large department stores and retail outlets to your heart’s content. If shopping as such isn’t your thing, visit Kempten’s weekly market – and not just to stock up on food: It’s a social meeting point for locals as well as guests.

The Kempten event diary is full to the brim all year round. It’s no surprise, as the town is the beating heart of events in the region and is also home to the bigBOX ALLGÄU – the largest event location. Not only there, though: events are also held on small stages and at open-air performances in Kempten. Highlights in the event diary include the Kemptener Jazzfrühling (‘Kempten Springtime Jazz’) the Town Festival, Allgäu Festival Week, Märchensommer Allgäu (‘Fairytale Summer’) and the Kempten Christmas Market. Tickets for some of the events can be booked directly online.