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Going out in Kempten

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Variety ...

... that is what Kempten has to offer when you want to go out.

If you want to celebrate and have a good time in Kempten, there is a lot to choose from. The Allgäu metropolis offers a wide range of bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes. Discover the best insider recommendations for “the going out crowd” in Kempten and experience its variety.


Restaurants & Cafés

Snack in the beer garden of the brewery pub "Zum Stift"

The Kempten food scene awaits you with a multitude of locations. It is your choice: Traditional brewery pubs with beer garden overlooking the Basilica of St Lorenz – or would you rather prefer fine dining of Italian gastronomy at its best? A traditional pub of the Alpine style with typical Allgäu specialities or could it perhaps be the exciting international cuisine – from sushi to tandoori? There is something in town for every taste.

Cappucchino at pink Café Sissi on Town Hall Square

The Kempten Stifts- and also the Reichsstadt tempt you with cosy cafes. And here, too, there is a lot to choose from. Have you ever been to a café, where the whole interior is pink, from sugar to cappuccino to the ceiling light? The Café Sissi is an absolute must! And it is also easily found – directly at the Kempten Town Hall Square.

Beautifully arranged pasta

Taste your way through the diverse culinary delights of the Allgäu metropolis of Kempten, spend pleasant hours and enjoy culinary delights. Going out in Kempten does not only mean celebrating and dancing – it also means indulging in good food.

restaurants & cafés

Bars, Pubs and Clubs

Nightlight-loving people and friends of cheerful parties won’t be disappointed by the choice of pubs and clubs in Kempten – be it the stylish cocktail bar, an iconic pub, the Irish pub or a classy wine bar. The centre of town offers the right location for all ages and preferences.

A trendy location such as the Künstlercafé, or “Künstler“ – as the locals like to refer to this place – is a place where, apart from drinks and food, the visitors are entertained regularly: Live music and improvised theatre on the stage are part of a fixed programme.
Or what about the Parktheater? An Art Déco building that used to be the Kempten cinema, with the largest cinema auditorium in Bavaria. Nowadays it is a club that is an indispensable part of the Kempten nightlife. Night owls look forward to the different floor areas, captivating the rhythm of the music, event nights such as the “Study Club“ and drinks, ranging from beer to cheerful cocktail variations.
Club-Night in the Parktheater in Kempten

Parktheater kempten

Scene meeting and good times at Künstlerhaus Kempten

künstlercafé kempten

Pleasure under the open sky

Beer gardens & ice cream parlours

An ice cream at the Iller or a beer in the beer garden is best enjoyed under the open sky and in the bright sunshine. Let our tips for places to stop inspire you.

Be entertained!

Apart from restaurants, pubs and clubs there are more locations if you want to have a night out in Kempten.

The Allgäu metropolis offers a diverse cultural programme. Performances in the Stadttheater, concerts and music events in the Veranstaltungshalle bigBOX ALLGÄU or exciting films in the cinema at the Colosseum Center.

Experience Kempten as a vivid centre of events of the region, with an event diary filled to the brim.

picture of a family laughing

A day in Kempten

City experience in the Allgäu

Are you planning a weekend trip or making a detour to Kempten during your Allgäu holiday? Then we have just the thing for you. Here you will find everything you need to know for a short trip to Kempten and what you absolutely must not miss.