Fresh fruits at the weekly market
Weekly market in Kempten

Weekly Market in Kempten


Buy regional products

The weekly market in town takes place in front of the historic scenery at the Hildegardplatz. Twice a week about 50 market stalls sell seasonal fruit and vegetables, cheese, fish and cold meats, homemade pasta, plants, honey and many delicacies from Kempten, the Allgäu region, Lake Constance or Italy. But the weekly market is not only a popular place to do your shopping – it is also a venue for culinary pleasures.

Fountain at Hildegardplatz Kempten
Couple shopping at the weekly market
It’s market day
When and where?
The market suppliers await you:

Every Wednesday and Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Location: Hildegardplatz
People playing at the fountain
People eating at the fountain
A venue for everyone
A fountain, a place to meet many people
The Market Fountain at the Hildegardplatz is the venue on the weekly market in Kempten. Grown-ups and the young ones welcome the refreshing fountain or just come together for a little natter.
Vegetables at the weekly market
Water fountain at Hildegarfplatz
Silent observer
The Market Fountain on the Hildegardplatz
Erected in 2013, the Market Fountain (Marktbrunnen) on the Hildegardplatz belongs to one of the more recent monuments in Kempten. Silently observing the weekly market and all that is happening there, it knows the town and its citizens better than anybody else.
Men eating at the weekly market
Couple shopping at the weekly market
Child eating at the weekly market

Finger Food – Ready, steady, go!

The food offered on the weekly market in Kempten does not come from a snack stand. On the contrary, the regularly attending market traders such as butchers, bakers or delicatessen traders offer homemade delicacies. Locals and guests alike meet up at lunchtime on the Hildegardplatz to eat a 'Würschtl' (sausage), have a coffee, a portion of freshly prepared 'Kässpatzen' (a pasta-like dish, home to this region) or fried apple rings. This convivial atmosphere around the Marktbrunnen attracts up to 1,000 visitors on sunny days.
Market fountain at dawn
Robert Liebenstein



Marketer Mr. Liebenstein


Get up early – it’s a sunny day and it is Market Day! The last traders get their stalls ready on the Hildegardplatz, birds are singing everywhere. This is an ideal time to visit the market. The sun is rising, lights up the Basilica of St Lorenz and sends a smile over the market square. Get yourself a ‘Mohnschnecke’ from the oven at ‘Hermines Brotstand’, and a delicious cappuccino. This is a perfect start to a new day.


All you need to know

Reusable containers

Plastic-free weekly market

Bring your own shopping bag and (muesli) container and contribute to keep the market free from plastic materials.

A dog walking in the city

No dogs allowed

Dogs are not allowed on the market – except for guide dogs.
Cycling through the weekly market is also prohibited.

Sausage selller at the weekly market in Kempten

Quite early

The traders start setting up their stalls early in the morning. With a bit of luck, night owls can already buy food before 7 a.m.

Around the Market

Romantically framed by the Basilica of St Lorenz, the historic Zumsteinhaus and the monumental monastery grounds of the Residence, it is a pleasure to relax, do your shopping and enjoy it all. But you may want to be a silent observer of the
vivid market atmosphere, for example watching it all at a short distance from the beautiful beer garden of the brewery restaurant 'Zum Stift' or from the terrace of the Residenz Café.
Weekly market in Kempten
State rooms at Kempten Residence

State rooms

of the Residence Kempten
Kempten Museum in the Zumsteinhaus from the outside


in the Zumsteinhaus
Cyclists in front of the Basilica of St. Lorenz

basilca of st Lorenz

Couple in the café

Residenz Café


Regional products and terms used on the weekly market in Kempten

Cheese at the weekly market in Kempten

All about 'Käs' (cheese)

'Schwiegermutterkäs' (Mother-in-law cheese):
A hot feta cream cheese spread with a tinge of pepper.

The three classic cheeses for the perfect Allgäu ‘Kässpatzen’:

'Allgäuer Weißlacker':
A semi-hard intense cheese originating from the Oberallgäu.

'Allgäuer Emmentaler':
Traditionally produced as a round cheese loaf and always recognisable for its nutty character – an Allgäu classic with its cherry-size holes.

'Allgäuer Bergkäs':
Matured for at least four months and with a taste from mild to intense. The Allgäu Bergkäs – an aromatic hard cheese made from raw cow’s milk.

Sausage at the weekly market in Kempten

It’s got to be a 'Wurscht' (sausage)

'Weißwurst' (white sausage):
This sausage is a MUST when you visit the market (Tip: You need to add sweet mustard). But watch this – this sausage must never hear the bells ringing at 12:00 a.m. Weißwurst in the Allgäu is never eaten after midday.

'Schübling / Schiebling':
A slightly smoked, thick short sausage, similar to a bratwurst. If you prefer it crispier, you never go wrong with a ‘Schübling’ (in a Semmel = roll).

This spicy boiled sausage from Hungary is normally sold in pairs.

If you find the ‘Debreziner’ too mild in taste, you should order a pair of ‘Bergsteiger’. This sausage – hot in taste – is traditionally eaten with mustard and a ‘Wipper-Breze’ (Preztel by Wipper).

Bread at the weekly market in Kempten

Small specialities

A non-sweet pastry from Upper Swabia – crispy and topped traditionally with coarse salt and caraway seeds.

'Gschmackeria Muesli':
The Kempten power-muesli with a dream-cream, prepared individually for every muesli-connoisseur.

If you want to taste the ‘real Allgäuer Kässpatzen‘ on the market, join the queue at the Kässpatzen stall in the yellow van (Tip: Be early and be patient – it is definitely worth your while).

'Smoothies and Crêpes':
A healthy smoothie and a sweet or perhaps a savoury crêpe – also on offer on the weekly market in Kempten.


Arrive, park and indulge

Parking in the vicinity:

Car Park – Pfeilergraben 14
Car Park – Rottachstraße 17
Car Park – Memminger Straße 12 Underground car park Kaufhof – Kronenstraße 49
Bus stops in the vicinity:

Residenzplatz – Bus No. 1, 5, 40 Residenz/Pfeilergraben – Bus No. 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 66
ZUM – all buses
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